Auschwitz tours – the reason to visit Poland

Poland is one of the countries to go if you are a history geek or you just want to know how was it living here back when Germany occupied the country and terrorised Europe with their concentration camps. Auschwitz, just 60 km outside Krakow is a destination for tourists all over the world, including the UK. With English tour guides on site, there’s no reason not to go. And if you’re there, why not check out a true natural beauty that is Wieliczka Salt Mine. Interested? See what they have in stock for their UK guests.

Auschwitz tours

Auschwitz camp is definitely a place to see as it played out such a massive role in both polish and world history. The German concentration camps are where the most massive murder campaigns took place at the place screams scare and horror through the building to this day. Visitors can now see exactly how the place looked like 70 years ago and are able to learn history hands on.

After a full of history and tragic memories in Auschwitz, you should definitely relax in the most visited mine in the world. Why would you want to see a mine, you might ask?

Wieliczka is the only mining facility in the world that has been active since the Middle Ages and is still in use. It was declared a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, which in its own could be the reason to visit, but wait until you see all the chambers and sculptures and a saline underground lakes. It’s a place that your eyes cannot forget.

Guided tours of Auschwitz and the Salt Mine

Planning a trip to Poland, you now know where your adventure should lead you. But how do you get on a tour of Auschwitz and the Salt Mine? Go to and check out the packages they offer visitors from the UK. For both private and business clients, individuals and groups, the company covers all your needs from transportation directly to and from the sites and an optional English speaking tour guide if you decide to go with a group or solo.

You can also skip the guide and just ask them to take you to the places and back, with all expenses covered including insurance and an English speaking driver. This option gives you the freedom to pick one of the tours that are offered on site and go home whenever you like.