How much value your home renovation really add

Home renovations are always exciting and scary in equal parts. On one hand, you get to enjoy (or sell) a brand new, refreshed house that has much more face value than it would when all the wears and tears were visible. On the other hand, you need to spend money in order to gain it and for some people, the process isn’t worth it at all. We decided to check how much value can your home renovation really add and what you can do to raise it even quicker.

Renovated house looks better and sells better

Although adding value to a house is usually associated with the process of selling it, many people decide on major renovations for their own sake – they want to live in a modern, clean, stylish house that doesn’t look like it was furnished 20 years ago. Renovating a house to fit your current needs and preferences can add so much value in both financial and emotional sense – you just need to think it through. Every renovation process takes time and money, so think ahead, recycle what you can and change what really needs changing. Sometimes even a fresh coat of paint on the walls makes a big difference! Whether you do it for the sell, or renovating your house for your own purposes, remember to keep it as minimal as possible when it comes to major elements. Adding a fireplace and changing the structure of the walls can add value, but it is costly. It’s much better to spend that money on accessories, décor and quality pieces like floors or lighting.

Revive your basement

One of the most recent trends in house renovation and one that definitely adds instant value to your house is completely re-doing your basement. Most people use it as storage and struggle to fit everything else in the house, not realising that the basement would add so many useful square meters of space! You can make your basement into anything you want and if you need, still make some storage system there. Suddenly, your three-bedroom one bathroom house changed into four-bedroom and two-bathroom one, which would rack up its price on the estate market quite significantly. Adding a cinema room, an in-house gym, a cosy room or the bedroom and bathroom mentioned before means that you now have something not every house does. And for the buyers, it really matters! It makes your house stand out and makes for a perfect selling point.