Preserved reindeer moss as a decoration

When looking for new arrangement solutions in a house or apartment, we are looking more and more often at the green. In an interior decorated with elements of this colour, it is easier to introduce peace and harmony, and also to distance yourself from the everyday race. One of the most interesting ways to introduce greenery to the interior is stabilized moss. It is a unique ornament that retains its natural appearance and requires almost no care. The most popular solution is reindeer moss. Why is it worth betting on such an option?

Reindeer moss – what is it?

First, a paradox. When considering which moss to choose for the wall, we usually decide on lichen. It is this family of organisms that includes the reindeer moss, although it vividly reminds us of mosses known, for example, from European forests. It grows on other forests of the northern hemisphere. The one used to create the decorations is harvested in Scandinavia. Its natural colour is white, but thanks to dyes that are safe for health, it can be given any colour – green decorations are the most popular. They are made of stabilized moss, ie moss, which has been “hibernated” thanks to a special substance and looks alive.

Advantages of using Scandinavian moss as decoration

The greatest advantage of moss is its unconventional appearance. Decorations made of it catch the eye and testify to the sophisticated taste of the host. Despite the fact that their popularity is growing, green interiors with preserved moss in the lead role are still an original and unique solution, often also serving as company decorations.

Reindeer moss at home is also a universal decoration. This is because it can be successfully placed where natural plants wilt quickly – for example in rooms with no access to light. Thanks to the stabilizing substances, it can cope even in such conditions. Here is another advantage that the reindeer moss can boast of: the maintenance of such decorations is practically not needed. Moss does not require water or pruning, even dust will rarely settle on it.

Moss in the living room or kitchen will also be a natural hygrometer. It feels best in the humidity that is ideal for humans. If the level in the apartment drops, the moss will start to harden and dry out. So it will signal that it’s time to take care of hydration. Importantly, such hardened moss will return to its original, soft parameters over time.

Thanks to decorating the walls with it, you can also effectively silence the room. The moss decorations muffle the noise. In houses on busy streets, it will be a great combination of aesthetic and practical values. It is worth emphasizing that preserved moss is completely safe for health and is not a friendly environment for insects or spiders. After installing the decorations, you do not have to worry about insect infestation in your apartment.