Paragona is a medical recruitment organization, which provides qualified doctors and other medical workers to find work in Western Europe and develops their abilities. Paragona is able to find an unique vacancies in medical service in the countries like UK, France, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The agency will take care of you and your family, will provide a professional preparation and support, which includes all needed courses and trainings. You don’t need to worry about your language skills. The main requirement to find a job via Paragona are your medical skills, which today are so much appreciated across the Europe. No matter what nationality you are, which medical school you finished and how old you are. During your job in other country, the Paragona employees will provide you a support and care, you will not feel lonely in a foreign country. Thanks to a development of the European Union, the procedure of finding work in these countries is very simple. Do not hesitate and give your career opportunities, apply to the medical recruitment organization – Paragona.

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