Lighting for kids’ room – how to choose the perfect ones?

Children are all fun and games. Their rooms are where all the magic happens – a place where the toys come alive, the pillow forts are built and the monster has its den under the bed. Choosing the perfect lighting for their room can be an adventure too, as the play on light and shades can make cool effects any child will love. So what lights should you choose for the little ones’ bedroom?

Safety first

Low hanging lights and chandeliers are off the table for an obvious reason – kids will try to hang, swing and play with anything that’s in their reach. Thinking about the central light, choose some that are close to the ceiling. Our Bambino range is suit for both boys and girls and it’s safe to hang in the kids’ room. Let’s have fun.


Playful design

Wall lamps are great for the bedside, as most children like to sleep with the lights on. You don’t have to settle for boring adult designs though. Here at sublimelights we’ve got some great playful solutions perfect for your kids’ bedroom. A giraffe, a monkey, an owl, a snail – lamps that resemble animals will make a great addition to the room. They all come with a set of stickers that make a great scenery around the lamp.


Colours and temperatures

Kids’ bedroom is the one where you can have fun with coloured lights. Purple, blue, green, yellow – let your children pick their favourite. The animal lamps come with colourful covers, but you can opt for a coloured light bulb as well. It’s a good idea to put some dimmers on the lights as well. It’s a perfect storytelling surrounding that will make your kids scream with joy. Change the setting of the room to make kids feel like they’re a part of the story you’re reading or help their creativity by adjusting the lights to their current game. With children, it’s all about the fun.

Sublime Lighting offer some of the best, most entertaining kids’ room lights as well as some universal solutions that will make your children feel unique in their own space. Choose the lights that will complement the room and don’t forget that in kids’ bedroom, everything could and will be turned into a game. Find the lights that suit your needs and enjoy the playtime while it lasts.