How to combine SEO and content marketing?

When it comes to SEO, content marketing already became one of the most important tools to increase the traffic. Now SEO is not only a combination of phrases and keywords – to be successful, it is necessary to attract followers by providing a valuable content. You cannot just tear those two elements apart – they must coexist to bring you satisfying results. However, before you will plan your strategy involving both SEO and content marketing, it’s crucial to learn how they work and how to use them efficiently. Get those few tips and prepare your successful SEO strategy!

Quality first

Writing low quality content with lots of keywords is not the best way to attract followers. To reach their attention, you need to provide them something truly valuable and trustworthy. Indeed, in the ocean of millions existing websites it’s difficult to create an interesting and high quality content that will make your website shine bright among the competitors. However, good content is the best way to make your potential customers put their trust into your website and to recommend it further – it increases your chances to get some valuable links improving your SEO!

content marketing

Keywords – don’t miss them!

Even though we already decided that content should be a major, you still cannot give up with using keywords. Simply, SEO demands content and it cannot work without it – then, it’s crucial to naturally place them into your texts to make it visible for search engines. Don’t use too many keywords! Overusing them might be unprofessional and truly annoying for your followers. To provide optimal number of phrases, it’s necessary to make a research of what your potential visitors are searching for on the net. Adjusting them to their needs is a key to success! Remember that content is not only about articles – don’t forget to optimize also your pictures, videos and links.

Be updated

Keeping your website fresh and updated is simply a must! To keep it on the highest position in search results it is recommended to bring some freshness to your content occasionally. Why? Google gives a boost to some popular topics that are getting updated by implementing QDF – Query Deserved Freshness. It increases a website’s position in search results – therefore it’s so useful to use moments proper for an update, as it’s a perfect chance to get impressive results in SEO.

As you can see, content and SEO are slightly connected all day long. They just cannot exist without each other – that’s why writing for people and optimizing for Google seem to be a key to success.

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