House extension ideas

Your house is too small but you can’t afford or don’t want to move? Extending instead of moving is one of the biggest trends in the interiors and house designs at the moment and for a good reason – why build new, if you can perfect what you already have. It all goes well with the idea of living and eco-friendly life and we can safely say there are so many ideas to go from, after it’s all complete you may as well feel like you’re in a brand new space. Here are our top pics for house extension ideas trending in 2019.

Open space ground floor

The typical “let’s divide the ground floor into X amount of rooms” is slowly fading away as the trend of creating huge open spaces downstairs takes the lead in interior designs. The idea is that you can cook, lounge and enjoy your free time without limitations, closing off only those parts of the house that are truly private, like your bedroom or bathrooms. If you’re planning an extension into the garden, think about remodelling the existing interiors as well and create one big kitchen/lounge/dining room that you can enjoy with your family and friends without having to shout to each other from another room.

Extend up and down

Traditionally extensions are associated with building up or out and yet we still don’t appreciate enough our basements and attics enough. They are basically the free space you need to create a new bedroom, a huge lounge, a perfect kids playroom, an at-home cinema, a gym, a bar, a spa – whatever you need, the space is there.

house extension

Yes, you need those places for storage but we promise once you organise them, you’ll see there’s no need for boxes with Christmas lights to take up space equal to the entire ground floor of your house. There are so many things you can do with the space in the basement or the attic and the best part is you’re not extending beyond the current size of your house, so you don’t need any permits for building purposes. Renovation is the best way to expand your space and get creative with the house!

Traditional extension? Think smart

In case you really want to make your house bigger, you really need to think smart. There’s no point building walls around your garden if you don’t incorporate the space into the rest of the house. Treat your extension like you would an empty house – it’s now a part of a bigger space and it needs to fit it like glove. And if you need more ideas, check out – you’re options are almost limitless.